Craig's public email address is:
Craig can read email sent to that address while he has access to the internet.  Mail sent to the address above will be read eventually, but while on a passage it is not accessible.

Adding a comment to the blog:

Craig is notified of any comments added to the blog via the email address above.  So please add comments whenever you feel the urge, but note that they will not be read while on a passage.

Single sideband email:

While away from normal internet access, the single sideband (high frequency) radio onboard can be used to send and receive email.  This radio link is very slow, and is also the link used to request and receive weather updates.  Traffic across this link is monitored and limited to a short amount of connection time per week, and so most of the connection time is dedicated to weather and other safety updates while at sea.  For this reason, Craig wishes to limit access to Luckness' sailmail email address.  Having said that, the format of sailmail addresses is the same for all vessels with a sailmail account.  It is the station call sign for the vessel followed by "(at) sailmail (dot) com".  If you really need to contact Craig while he is away from internet, you should be able to figure out his email...