Friday, May 28, 2010


So I'm here in Seattle working on my boat, making plans for trips with a choice of thousands of miles of beautiful coastline.  I'm planning a 10 day trip in June and then a six week vacation in August/Sept.  There are lots of choices - the difficulty is what to leave out, not searching for something that I want to see.

The same would be true in most areas of the world.  Coastline is beautiful and teeming with life.  Its also fragile.

Watching what's happening in the Gulf right now is pretty sad.  Its also making me angry.  There seem to be plenty of mistakes happening and the costs of the mistakes may be paid for years and years.  I'm not an expert on anything oil related, but there are people who are experts.  Relying on one company to stop and fix this thing seems naive - its not their Gulf, its all of ours.

If you're not angry about what's happening down there yet, here's a video which might help you along that path.  Caution, it contains foul language.

If you still aren't angry, here are two more related stories.

BP blocking journalists from spill sites

3 million feet of boom in Gulf, but does it help?

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