Friday, May 13, 2011

House for sale

My last day of work was May 13th.  I immediately started packing and cleaning the house.  My real estate agent, Paul Simpson, helped connect me with the many contacts he has and I got an amazing amount done in a week and a bit.  Its a familiar process.  I created a project list for everything I wanted to do to prep the house and started working through it.  House projects are easy!  There is room to stand up, no cramped spaces where you need to contort your body to get at something.  I didn't draw blood once!

The house went on the market on May 21st.  We had stagers come in and stage the house - they brought in some furniture, lamps, art, pillows, a bed and so on.  I'm hoping to get this place sold quickly.  If anybody wants a house, there is a nice small house for sale in Sunset hill!

(The deck is new, and was  unfinished in this picture.  Its now finished with a full railing.)

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