Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to read this blog

A little while ago I discovered a few different ways to read blogs hosted on google's blogspot, like this one.

If you are one of those readers who checks the blog every day looking for new postings, that's excellent!  This blog has had quiet spells where nothing is posted for quite some time.  It can be frustrating to keep checking the blog only to see nothing new, then try again the next day - again nothing new, etc.  It gets frustrating.

There are two alternative ways to read the blog.  The first is to provide your email address in the "Follow by Email" box on the right of the blog.  This is a mechanism that is hosted by Google.  Once you've provided your email, you will receive an email in the evening on days where I have added a new post to the blog.  The email is formatted to contain the entire post, along with a link at the bottom of the message which lets you know how to unsubscribe to the service.  I normally don't trust giving my email address to other web sites as I hate to receive spam.  But I trust this service.  Its a pretty convenient way to follow the blog.

The third way to read the blog is through an RSS feed.  There are lots of RSS readers out there.  One example is on the Mac, can read RSS feeds.  I'm sure there are lots of other mail apps which can read the feeds, but this is the one I know.  In Mac's Mail app, you can add an RSS feed from the File menu.  Go to 'Add RSS Feeds' and when the window comes up, select the 'Specify the URL for the feed' option, and then provide the RSS address:
The title for the RSS feed will show how many unread articles there are, so if you've read them all, when I post a new article there will be a little number '1' there showing one unread article.

RSS feeds and the email notification are ways to read the blog without having to keep checking this site manually.

Although I hope the blog will be more active in the coming months - as I'm leaving Seattle tomorrow for my Shaking Up Trip.  The first step is to head back to Neah Bay.  More on this later.

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  1. Just read your blog for today and everything seems well in control, even your sleep. I know you said 20 minutes increments would work and I'm happy they seem to be doing so. l had thought you were heading for Portland before San Fran for some reason so am making mental adjustments for that. You are well and truly on your way and it must be exhilarating! Still working on bits and pieces of the book. Sent with big hugs.Mum