Sunday, April 1, 2012

Passage to Hawaii: done!

Date: Mar 31, 2012
Distance remaining: 157 Previous 24 hour run: by GPS: 161

Date: Apr 1, 2012, Time: 10am Hawaii time
19° 52' N 154° 47' W
Wind speed: 17 / wind dir: 102 (E), Heading: 243, Speed: 5.5
Barometer: 1020, Water Temp: 73
Log: 5266.1
Distance remaining: 18 Previous 24 hour run: by GPS: 141

Final: Apr 1, 2012, Time 2:15pm.
19° 43.939' N 155° 03.165' W
Log: 5285.6
Distance remaining: 0!
Total time of passage: 19 days, 2:45 hours.

I've arrived safely and am at anchor in Radio Bay, Hilo, Hawaii. Its overcast here, the clouds started gathering around the island 8 miles out and I finally shouted 'land ho!' when I saw a tiny speck of trees and shore when I was 13 miles away. I still really haven't seen the island, the clouds are very low and all I can see is a the lower shore area. When I sailed to within 3 miles of the Hilo Bay breakwater, the wind started being very variable, in speed and direction. Rather than fighting for the last 3 miles, at 1pm I lowered sail and motored into the bay from there.

I have some things to do here to get the boat in order, but thought I would pass along this news. I'll send more soon.

Yippee! Yay me!


March 31.  24 hour surface
March 31.  48 hour surface
March 31.  72 hour surface


  1. Congrats! Nicely done. You deserve a few pats on the back.

  2. Way to go Craig - hope you have a good long - uninterupted -sleep!

  3. Yippee! Yay You! I am thrilled that you have made your 'run' (is that what it's called?) with such courage and spirit. It must have been amazing to see a real landmark after all those days of water. Sleep and sleep and yell yippee once in a while. I'm going to, yell that is! Love, Mum

  4. Congratulations Craig!! Well done.