Monday, May 28, 2012

Anchored at Kalama Nui, Lana'i

20deg 47.795'N 156deg 56.402W

My stay at Lahaina came to a close this morning as I left my mooring and headed toward Lana'i. I enjoyed my three weeks in Lahaina greatly. I met some mighty fine people and felt I could have easily spent much more time here. Looking back at my time I don't have a long list of accomplishments or tourist sites I visited and can now cross off my list. But it was a good time, relaxing and social. I found a local pool (50m, there were always lanes free, it was free!) which helped me get into a little better shape. The folks at the Lahaina Yacht Club were awesome - members and staff were super friendly and it was one of the places I hung out virtually every day. I also bumped into a number of locals, sailors and non-sailors, who became part of my little social scene. I recommend a stay at Lahaina for any visiting yachties - my only reservation is that the mooring field is rolly at times. This can be annoying...and depending on your own tolerance levels you may want to stay for a shorter period of time.

Thanks to everyone for their hospitality!

I left my mooring at 6:45am with the winds forecast as East 20 as I headed SW, looking to round Lanai's southern point clockwise. My destination was Kaumalapau Harbor, 25 miles away, which looked like an easy anchorage in a harbor with not very much going for it. But the harbor is on the leeward side of Lana'i and I preferred a downwind sail to heading NW upwind parallel to the Pailolo Channel to my earlier alternate planned stop. The Pailolo channel was forecast as East 30 knots - and I would be heading upwind into it briefly. I don't mind being beat up by wind and waves if that's what is needed, but if I can plan a way around it, then I do... As I left the mooring, the wind was virtually calm and it remained that way for the first few hours. Some wind finally filled in, but it was a SW wind which was a little surprising to me. When I got to my initial destination I found two other sailboats (small, local, definitely not offshore boats) in the anchorage which was tight. I looked around for a good spot and could have fit in, but the longer I spent in the harbor the less I wanted to be there. There is not a lot going for Kaumalpau Harbor - it would be a safe place to get out of the wind, but it is not a scenic place. There is another anchorage three quarters of a mile further north called Kalama Nui, which is used as a snorkeling destination by some of the local charter companies. I decided to try that anchorage - when I arrived it was empty and its been empty ever since. I expect company as the charter boat arrives tomorrow, but its a much more scenic spot and I'll stay a few days.

I have a short list of things I need to work on, simple boat projects that I neglected while in Lahaina (washing all the accumulated dirt off my topsides, clean the hull, etc.)

For now, I'm out of cell phone and internet contact.

Its 7pm, its 78deg, the sun is setting and its been sunny all day. Life is sweet.

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