Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Heading to California: day 1

Date: Sept 24, 2013
47deg 06.4' N, 125 16.5W
Wind Speed: 4 / wind dir: South, Heading: South, Speed: 5.4, Motoring, Sail Plan: M1S
Barometer: 1012, Water Temp: 61.7
Disance since rounding Tatoosh: 82nm

I decided to leave Neah Bay yesterday and was underway by 3:45pm. The wind has not cooperated and I have been under motor all by three hours this afternoon when a rain cell was passing and generated some stronger winds. I'm about to download weather information and will make my plans based on what I see over the next few days.

The first night was choppy as I expected leaving so soon after the last system passed. The ocean is finally starting to settle down and the motion is becoming much nicer now. Still waiting for wind to arrive.

Everything is well here. Its actually relatively warm out here today.

Bye for now.

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1 comment:

  1. Good luck and fair winds. tho' not too strong, just right.
    God's speed.
    xo Mum