Saturday, November 30, 2013

San Diego

Luckness arrived in San Diego on Thursday as planned and is docked at the guest dock in Shelter Island.  I reserved a slip at the dock online before leaving Bonita Cove and paid for three nights ($40/night.)  I walked around a little on Thursday, Friday I started working my way through my shopping list, picking up little odds and ends that I wanted to get while they were handy.  Today I pretty much finished off the list - there were a few items that I wasn't able to get due to some of the stores being closed over the Thanksgiving weekend and I don't want to hang around until Monday to get them - nothing was safety related, just convenience items at this point.

Tomorrow morning, Sunday, I leave for Ensenada - Mexico!

Ensenada is only 77nm away and the checkout time at the marina where I am is 11am.  If I average 3 knots I can travel 77nm in 26 hours.  If I go 4 knots I can get there in 19 hours.  I can't really arrive before the marina's in Ensenada open (there is no anchorage there.)  So I'll be happy with a little wind, enough to keep me moving between 3 and 4 knots, but not much faster or I'll arrive way too early.

My stop in San Diego was just a quick visit, Ensenada will be the same.  I'll check into Mexico in Ensenada and then take off either the next day or Wednesday.  By Wednesday the forecast is for the high temperature in San Diego to be 59 degrees.  Thursday's forecast is 57.  Its clearly time to be much further south!

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  1. Happy sailing. Hope the wind is enough to push you along, just right. Today 45F (7C). But sunny. Sounds nicer where you're heading. xo Mum