Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Was: Explored the islands, Now: back in La Paz working on projects

I've been neglecting the blog lately.  I'll try to catch up with where I am now and what's going on.

...The story continues from the last posting, which left me in Puerto Escondido, many, many miles north of La Paz.

After provisioning in Puerto Escondido and admiring its views, I headed over to Honeymoon Cove which is a short hop.  s/v Discovery was here as well.  I remember reading the 'Sea of Cortez' cruising guide years ago, back in Seattle, in my armchair, and reading about Honeymoon Cove and marveling at the pictures.  Its a beautiful spot and its nice to have been there in person now.  I had a little goal to make it there on my last cruise, but I didn't get any further north than Isla San Francisco - which is still my favorite anchorage in this area.

Luckness in Honeymoon Cove.
There is good hiking on the island as well.  The Luckness/Discovery gang went for a hike.

Going up and up and up...
We could see for miles.  Here Andy and Betty are pointing out where the Marquesas are.
The visit to Honeymoon Cove was around January 21st.  The next day I left and started making my way back toward La Paz.  I decided to go north around Isla Danzante where Honeymoon Cove is, and then head south.  Here's my track:
Oops!  Sailed across land again.  The chart is approx 1/2 mile off here...
I've been holding back posting photos of tracks which cross land, it happens continually.  This is good practice for later this trip when I'll be in another area which are known to have poor charts - most of the South Pacific I think.  I'm looking forward to it!

On the way down the coast I stopped at Bahia Agua Verde for a couple of days:

I eventually made my way back to La Paz, stopping at a few more anchorages along the way.  It was just more of the same. Spectacular, beautiful spots, good swimming, good hiking, bug free, easy anchoring, blue skies and sunshine.

I arrived back in La Paz on Feb 1st, just over two weeks ago.  When returning to La Paz I had intended to pull into a marina to work on 'boat projects' but as I approached I realized that I didn't need to be in a marina for many of the projects, and so I have been anchored out, off of the town again.  The day after arriving I started back into boat projects and pretty much every day, with one of two exceptions, since then has been dedicated to projects or more generally making progress trip planning for my journey to and through the South Pacific, which is coming up.

I'll try to post a project post or two in the next little while.

Luckness and I will be back in a Marina starting tomorrow, Marina Cortez.  I'll start working through a few projects that I've been deferring until I was at a dock, such as varnishing, waxing, some minor sail repair, washing my lines, etc.

With luck, I should be able to depart Mexico in the first week of March.  French Polynesia, here I (almost) come!


  1. What a lovely land, blue, blue seas of various hues, and sandy warm land. Looks pretty nice! Nice that you met up with some folks. Happy projects! Love, Mum