Sunday, December 18, 2011

At anchor in Bahia Los Frailes

Date: Dec 18, 2011, Time: 5:20pm
Barometer: 1020, Temp: 74, Water Temp: 69
Log: 2727.5, Engine Hours: 1291.0, Batteries: %96 (-17 Ah)

I left San Lucas yesterday morning and quickly found that the forecast NW 9-12 knots of wind wasn't going to be. I initially sailed slowly in 6-8 knots of wind, and then circled and bobbed around in 0-4 knots. By 4pm it picked up to 10 knots of east wind and I was underway. The wind picked up to 12 and then gradually weakened to around NE 4-6 at 11pm. From 11 to 3am the wind stayed low. In addition I was working against a current as my tacking angles were 180 degrees while I was sailing 40-45 degrees off the wind. This was frustrating as I was basically making zero progress toward my destination for 6 hours while I sailed back and forth. I guess if you want guaranteed progress getting to where you wanted to go you should buy a motor yacht. The wind started to build again in the morning, first NE 12 then N 14 and up to 18. The seas overnight were very calm, making my sleep cycles work well. As the wind was building in the morning so were the seas. By 3pm when the winds were 16-19 the seas were 5-7 and short. Spending the next night on the water wasn't going to be as pleasant as the first night.

When I left San Lucas I was intending to head to Ensenada De Los Muertos, with a backup here in Bahia Los Frailes. Muertos was 90 miles away, Los Frailes was 45. It isn't out of the ordinary to expect to sail 90 miles in 29 hours (11am to 4pm the next day.) In the end, I sailed 45 miles in that time. But I sailed! I'm still very happy with how Luckness feels in the water, bashing into waves or riding them downwind. The boat and her systems are awesome.

The wind forecast tomorrow is NNW 14-19 seas 5-8 @ 15 seconds, then in the evening NNW 13-17 seas 5-8 @ 14. If that forecast remains as it is tomorrow, I'll probably spend a day here to get a good sleep before bashing north again. Once I make Muertos, La Paz is only 'around the corner.'

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  1. Sounds like going around points of land is difficult no matter how big they are. Good practice for you though, as you'll be learning more each day!
    Are you close to Wi-Fi? Send me a note is you are. I'll send you the Christmas letter? :-) Many of my friends are awe of you and yesterday a woman about your age was positively enthusiastic about your sense of adventure! Apparently, you are not the only one who longs for a different life. Love you,