Saturday, December 10, 2011

Soon passing Turtle Bay

Date Dec 10, 2011, Time Noon
27° 52.4' N 115° 31.9' W <Link:>
Wind speed 6 / wind dir NNW, Heading ESE, Speed 3
Barometer 1021, Temp 72, Water Temp 63.5, Sky Mostly blue
Log 2287.2, Engine Hours 1287.5 (Left Ensenada at 1286.7), Batteries %62
Sail Plan: Flying spinnaker & full main
Just a short note. I'm approaching Turtle Bay (Bahia Tortugas) but am going to pass it by. There is a little wind and I'm into the passage making groove so will just keep on heading south and east.
The past three days have been overcast and so the batteries are down quite a lot. This is the first day of sunshine and I've altered my direction in order to give the solar panels more sun. They are running the boat and creating an additional 14 amps right now. I'll end the day still down significantly. Yesterday night at sunset the batteries were down 100Ah, this morning they were down 150Ah. If I can get back to around 100Ah then I can keep that going without running the engine.
The wind pattern has been there is decent wind as soon as it gets dark (10 to 13 knots normally, gusts to 16.) When it get sunny the wind reduces - although it hasn't yet fallen to zero and the boat speed hasn't fallen below around 1.4 knots which is ok.
I've been flying the spinnaker during the past few days, its sweet! Its not exactly like attaching a pair of rockets to the boat, but I am able to make headway in 4 knots or slightly less. 4 knots resulted in a boat speed of 2. Nice. Its a good looking sail and as I use it more often I'll probably bring it out more frequently. Setup and take down is a little involved - something like 15 minutes to setup now, a bit longer taking it down and packing it away.
Everything is going well!
There is probably at least a week of this passage left, unless the wind improves dramatically.

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  1. I'd sure like to see that spinnaker sail. I'll bet it looks lovely! Nice to have a bit of wind. May the wind be always in your sail .. a slight deviation to the old Scottish prayer. Sunny days up here. but below freezing at night. Feeding hummingbirds!
    Love, Mum