Monday, March 26, 2012

Passage to Hawaii: day 14

Date: Mar 24, 2012
Distance remaining: 1117 Previous 24 hour run: by GPS: 110

Date: Mar 25, 2012
Distance remaining: 987 Previous 24 hour run: by GPS: 130

Date: Mar 26, 2012, Time: 10am Hawaii time
21° 01' N 139° 46' W
Wind speed: 14 / wind dir: 045 (NE), Heading: 260, Speed: 5
Barometer: 1018, Water Temp: 71
Log: 4534.0
Distance remaining: 864 Previous 24 hour run: by GPS: 124

In my last report I was afraid that I would be left becalmed out here for several days as a new high built north of me. However as it turns out the winds have been pretty decent. I've maintained a boat speed above 4 knots all the time and have had periods where I have been surfing down 10-14 foot swell at 8+ knots. Yipee! On average, the winds have been on the lighter side. Also note that I now have less than 1000 miles to go. It seems a bit strange saying "less than 1000nm!" as if the remaining distance is hardly anything. This has been an interesting experience so far, a good one.

Its generally been cloudy here, although the cloud is mostly low level and allows enough solar energy to get through so that my solar panels are able to keep my battery bank charged. The battery bank has been reaching 100% at some point during the day, every day (the panels are currently generating 11amps in a blue sky patch with 9Ah left until a full charge.) The temperature is starting to warm up a little. For the last two weeks, I've been wearing multiple layers as the daytime temperatures have only been in the mid 70's. The water temperature has warmed up by a few degrees now, it has been down to 67 along this passage but is now 71. I expect the warming trend to continue as I approach my destination.

Luckness is continuing to sail well. Yesterday I didn't touch the sails all day, and other than a few small adjustments to the monitor direction the boat sailed itself. I've been noticing little bits of chafe appear on the monitor control lines, and the application of some teflon tape to the line in the region of the chafe has been able to keep it in check. (Its not teflon tape, but some high tech low friction sail tape I've forgotten the name of, its nicknamed "millionaire's tape" due to its cost. Pretty handy stuff.)

I'm feeling good. I continue to eat well and have no aches or pains. My 20min sleep sessions seem to be working. I feel fine during the day, no yawning and I'm able to read with good concentration. I usually nap briefly in the middle of the day, and then after its dark here and I've eaten my hot meal, I'll start sleeping again at around 9pm and keep doing it until 6am or so. While my sleep is continually interrupted I seem to be getting enough overall.

I don't have much to report here. I saw an AIS target today but was never able to see the ship as it was 16nm away at its closest point of approach. I have been seeing albatross along the passage. They are amazing birds and I can watch them soar around for quite a while.
I'll report back in a couple of days.


March 25.  24 hour surface
March 25.  48 hour surface
March 25.  72 hour surface
March 26.  24 hour surface
March 26.  48 hour surface
March 26.  72 hour surface

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  1. I got my atlas and have been tracking you according to the YOTREPS position. Great fun. Sounds wonderful and getting warmer. Nice! Surfing 10-14 foot swells! Cool. xo Mum