Friday, October 4, 2013

Left Coos Bay heading south again

Date: Oct 4, 2013, Time: noon PST
41° 21' N 124° 58' W
Wind speed: 15-18 / wind dir: NNE, Heading: 225, Speed: 6.5
Barometer: 1025, Water Temp: 60.8
Log: 8870

The storm that rolled through Coos Bay passed by Sunday and from Monday onward the seas have been settling down. The wind was strong (mid 20's) from the south on Monday so the seas stayed up. By Wednesday I thought I should be leaving, however the bar at Coos Bay was still closed to recreational vessels 40' or less. Thursday the bar opened and Juguette (Peter, Bob and Mike) and I left approaching high tide, around 12:15pm. The winds were pretty good and we were able to start sailing once we had given plenty of room to the entrance channel and the boats arriving and departing.

Thursday evening the winds were in the high teens and overnight they rose into the low twenties - beautiful downwind sailing. The highest gust I saw was 28 knots, which is in a very comfortable range downwind. I've been making good time south so far, however the forecast is for the winds to become light on Saturday and I may end up motoring over to an anchorage to wait for more wind to arrive.

I woke up with the batteries fully charged from the wind generator having run all night, that was nice! I have blue skies and I'm heading toward warmer weather - I'm glad to be leaving the rain and grey skies I had last week behind!

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  1. Hi Greg. :)
    Glad you were able to leave Coos Bay. The wind has become quite light to almost non-existant here at Shilshole too. Your old slip is now occupied making your departure even more concrete. Big, old power boat. Keep the blog posts coming. Your readers are eager to hear about your adventures! Happy sailing old neighbour (notice the spelling eh?).

    1. Hi Kirsten! I suspected that my spot on K-dock wouldn't be left open - its a good spot, nice neighborhood! Yeah, it was nice when that storm passed. It got windy there for a while. I was so glad to be tied to a strong dock. I'm not one of those sailors who wants to go out and play in 70 knot gusts. Pretty shameful eh. You and Joe aren't the only ones doing the Greg thing either, met someone else a little while ago. I kept correcting him, but after a while just thought of you two and thought it might be a new thing these days... Something the young and hip are doing?

  2. Glad you are set loose into the wild blue again. Hope the sailing is smooth but speedy. Warmer weather here you come! Why was the harbour at Coos Bay closed? Don't get that. Temp. dropping slightly up my way. But not snow!!! Be safe. Be well.xo Mum