Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sailing south in good wind

Date: Oct 8, 2013, Time: 9am PST
36° 13' N 122° 33' W
Wind speed: 20 / wind dir: NW, Heading: 116, Speed: 6.5
Barometer: 1015, Water Temp: 55.4f
Log: 9216

I left Drakes Bay as expected, Monday morning at around 8am. I motored for three and a half hours until enough wind arrived to start sailing, and I've been sailing ever since. The waves started small but have now grown to 6-8 foot wind waves at around an 8 second period. These are fairly short and steep waves which creates an 'interesting' motion for the boat. Lots of changes of direction as the waves wash under the boat, speeding her up, slowing her down and changing direction on the front and back sides of the waves. The monitor self steering is working like a champ!

Last night I had another phosphorescence experience. I was leaving a bright wake behind me, showing the course the boat was taking through the waves (not a straight line.) Also as the occasional wave crested just as it reached the hull and splashed the boat it would create a bright area of light, so cool. The bow wake was also glowing. Phosphorescence is so cool.

I've sighted whales and dolphins so far, no sure of the species. I was happy the broaching whale was 1/2 to 1 mile away, but the dolphins of course were right beside the boat keeping me company for hours.

The winds are forecast to lighten a little this afternoon, and then freshen tonight through tomorrow night with increasing waves accompanying the wind. If everything remains constant, I should be around Point Conception Wednesday night which is close to my planned anchorage. I may be at anchor sometime Thursday morning/afternoon.

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  1. So cool to have whales, dolphins and phosphoresce! So nice to have company. The sailing sounds tricky. Happy days. xo Mum