Friday, December 27, 2013

A few pics while walking around today

I forced myself to take my camera with me as I walked around La Paz today, doing a few chores before taking off for an excursion.  Here are a few pics (pics, not Photographs.)

I walked down to Chedraui, one of the local supermarkets.  The selection in the stores in La Paz is really good, they have pretty much everything you would want.  There are a few things I can't find, but nothing essential and I haven't hit all the stores in the area yet...not by a long shot as there are a lot of them.

A mountain of coffee on display.  Behind it are cartons of milk.
Mountain of chips 
There are constantly these big mountains of various types of food in the stores.  I walked by a mountain of Pepsi that reached the ceiling yesterday.  I keep wondering how often they fall down.

One of the bakery shelves
The bakery sections of the stores are pretty cool.  There are several racks of these shelves with the baked goods out for you to see.  You grab a tray and some tongs, walk around and fill your tray up with whatever you fancy, and then take the tray to the bakery counter where they wrap the things that need it (such as glazed donuts), put them all in a bag and stick a price on it.  Its all fresh and if you arrive too late in the day the display is pretty much picked through.  I'm working my way through the selection.  So far there have been more hits than misses, but there have been a few misses.

The Malecon runs along the water front, and every now and then there is a statue.  This is one of my favorites, I'll keep walking along the water front when I get back to remind myself of what they all are later on.

I'll be heading out to the local islands for some exploring, starting on Saturday the 28th.  I have enough food to eat pretty well for around 10 days, fairly well for maybe 5 more days, and then have enough food to survive for months.  So I'll be away for something like two weeks, perhaps longer, perhaps shorter.

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