Monday, December 23, 2013

Arrived in La Paz!

I need to figure out  the panorama mode on my camera still.  Here's an early experiment.
I arrived in La Paz on Saturday.  I left Muertos on Thursday after visiting with s/v Discovery (Andy and Betty) Wednesday evening.  Discovery left the anchorage Thursday at 2:30am, I left at 6:30am, leaving two boats remaining there from the 10 who where anchored the previous evening.  There were a lot of early departures.

I had wanted to stop in the islands briefly before heading over to La Paz, and I pulled in San Gabriel for two evenings.  Its a beautiful anchorage.  The water color is amazing, there is a nice walk across the island from there, you can swim, there is a beautiful long sand beach.  Unfortunately when I arrived the wind started to blow - from the south and later south west which is directly into the anchorage.  I didn't get off the boat for the time I was there, the trip to the beach would have been a little crazy.  I was able to dive off the boat which was nice.

I left San Gabriel on Saturday morning, arrived in La Paz anchorage just before noon and was very happy to shut the boat down and stay stationary for a while!  Its been a trip getting here.  I feel like I've arrived now and look forward to relaxing for a while.

Happy holidays everyone!

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