Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Passage to Beveridge reef, day 8

Date: July 8, 2014
19° 21' S 165° 34' W
24 hour run: 135nm
Previous 24 hour run: 134nm
Water Temp: 77.9. Brrr!
Log: 15020
Distance to go: 130nm

The previous two noon-to-noon runs were pretty decent, the wind had picked up and I made some good progress. The motion of the boat was not as relaxed as it had been, but it felt good to be making better speed through the water and the gurgling sound as Luckness created her wake and left it behind was nice to hear again. The forecast has been fairly accurate for these last few days. It predicted the stronger wind for the previous couple of days and that it would fall off today, as it has. Progress has slowed today. I was thinking I may have made it into the reef tomorrow, July 9th, but that won't happen now. I'm hoping to enter the reef on the 10th, although the conditions at the time will dictate my go/no-go decision. There is predicted to be a westerly wind on the 10th, and the pass faces west. I'm expecting that tonight the wind will start backing around to the north, with my ending up with an upwind sail by tomorrow.

Life here is good. Its warm out, although perhaps cooling down somewhat. Its winter here - the air temperature was below 80 degrees today - maybe even cooler than North America these days?

All continues to be well onboard.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Craig, wonderful to hear your progress reports. Eulalie and Eric are here with us. They leave tomorrow for a long road trip back east. There are many kinds of journeys, no?
    I'm looking forward to your description of the reef. Way cool!
    And, yes, I, too, love that gurgling sounds those PSCs make sliding through the water!
    Also - quite right about the air temp. We're having a loverly warm spring and summer! In the 80's presently here in Seattle. Cheers!