Sunday, July 17, 2011

Leaving Shilshole for a short trip

I needed to get out sailing.  I had been working on projects at Shilshole for weeks, and things are winding up.  I am waiting on a few parts from my windlass manufacturer (a fix for the remote and a new bow roller to fix a problem.)  As I can't speed that up, I thought I would get up to the San Juans where I could work on a few projects in better surroundings.  One idea is that I need to varnish the boat still this season, and that I could do this at anchor easier than tied to a dock.  I also need to attach all the cones to some line, building my Jordan Series drogue.  I can do that work anywhere.  Somewhere more scenic would be nice.

I left on Sunday for Port Ludlow, and from there left on Monday for Mud Bay.  The winds in the straits were light and I needed to motor most of the way across.  Its nice to be out on the water again.

While at Mud Bay I calibrated my knot meter.  It turns out that it has been reading 10% high.  When it showed I was going 7.2 knots, it was really only 6.5.  My heading sensor was also calibrated, so the radar overlays now overlay the charts properly.

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