Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th in Quartermaster Harbor

I've been working steadily on my list of projects, whittling it down and down.  There are only a few items left on it which I can't work on while underway OutThere, but I can't quite leave yet.  More on that in the next post...

I met some friends down in Quartermaster Harbor over the July 4th weekend.  Frog Prints, Limu and Luckness sailed down on the 3rd, rafted up and spent the night.  On the 4th the other two boats left to go sailing while I stayed at anchor and continued working on my projects.  Frog Prints, Limu and Hope joined up for the evening of the 4th.

I had tried to join this crowd in the previous two years but wasn't able to.  There is a large fireworks display on the harbor on the 4th with lots of room to anchor.  We had good weather and calm winds for the display.  Good times!

Frog Prints, Luckness, Limu from Hope
The fireworks barge arrived that evening
The night was clear
The crowds are ready...
And it starts!

(Click on this image if it is not showing an animation.)

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