Sunday, July 24, 2011

Port Angeles

Neah Bay

Arrived at Port Angeles yesterday afternoon, motoring all day from Mackay Harbor.  No wind.  Left Port Angeles this morning and arrived in Neah Bay this evening.  The forecast was for W 10-15 building to 15 to 25 after 2pm.  I motored until 2pm when a west wind finally started arriving as I had light east wind all morning. I waited for it to build to a steady 10 knots - and after motoring for 35 miles I had 15 left to Neah Bay.  My ETA motoring was 4pm and I wanted to arrive in daylight.  When I started sailing the two remaining hours for the trip turned into five, but it was nice!  

Sailing these waters is very different from the San Juans.  I had no real traffic to deal with except for freighters and they all broadcast AIS locations so they are easy to deal with.  The wind was pretty steady, unlike in the San Juans where it is constantly shifting and changing strength.  It was a nice sail.  The wind built to 23 knots, but the boat was balanced very nicely with a reef in the main and finally a reef in the genoa.  Sailing into the wind was a pretty wet ride, there was spray over the bow and back into the cockpit covering me with saltwater.  I hadn't been sailing like that for a while - it was nice.

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