Sunday, March 23, 2014

Passage to Nuka Hiva, Day 13

Date: Mar 23, 2014
03° 58' N 129° 08' W
Previous 24 hour run: 144nm
Water Temp: 83.3
Wind: ENE 10. Boat: 5.5 @ 190T
Log: 12418
Distance to go: 1020nm (Distance from the start 2794nm.)

I've been out for twelve days and four hours. The previous day's run (March 22nd), over 24 hours, was 152nm.

I thought it was hot a couple of days ago. Ha ha! What have I gotten myself into?! It doesn't help that the boat has all its portlights and hatches closed securely in order to avoid salt water getting in, as would happen otherwise. So the boat interior is hot, with a couple of fans blowing the hot air around. Outside its better as there is a cooling breeze - if you can stay out of the sun!

I may have already mentioned this, but this passage is going really well. I just got a weather download and the ITCZ is from 04N 122W to 01N 140W, so its around 2° 30'N at my longitude - 60 miles south of me. The wind forecast has a nice SE wind filling in for this whole area in 6 hours - so it may be that the ITCZ is going to head north (of the SE winds) and move over me soon. If this happens, it will be a sweet way of crossing the ITCZ! Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers that I can get the ITCZ behind me soon. So far, the boat has moved continually. The least amount of wind I've had is around 6 knots, but the sea state was such that it was sailable. I'm now on a beam reach, trying to maximize my speed in this lightish wind, and still heading roughly toward my destination.

Its really beautiful out here. The seas are an incredible blue, the skies are textured with multiple layers of clouds scattered in all directions with a background of the blue skies. I got up this morning at 4am Marquesas time, 5am local, and had a coffee and enjoyed the view. Sunrise was at 5:08 Marquesas time so I watched as the colors in the sky went from the grays of pre-dawn to a full blown sunrise. There were blue skies above me with fluffy clouds surrounding me in all directions. As the sun rose, the clouds were hit by the red, orange and yellow tones at different times, my own little light show. Of course its easier to enjoy sunrises when the boat isn't plowing through waves that are spraying the deck and the boat motion is gentle. I'm enjoying the easy sailing that I have currently.

Its now been six days since I had a ship appear on my AIS display. Its really deserted out here. Its also very clean. I've only seen a single piece of litter in the water in the last six days. The litter is a welcome change from my travels north of Hawaii.

Signing off for now, I've got some squalls to watch.

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  1. Squalls to watch. Sounds like a welcome diversion from the heat. I suppose we northerners just don't know what heat is, and I less so than you. Hope the ITCZ passes you smoothly. Love Mum

  2. Yes, equatorial heat is something else, isn't it? Just experienced it in Bali recently (and Bangkok too, even though it's much further north). Back in Toronto since last night and procrastinating going into the -6C cold!!! Good luck with this ITCZ thingie.