Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Passage To Nuka Hiva, Day 9

Date: Mar 19, 2014
11° 17' N 124° 22' W
Previous 24 hour run: 140nm
Water Temp: 81.5
Wind: ENE 14. Boat: 6.0 @ 225T
Log: 11914
Distance to go: 1706nm (Distance from the start adjusted to 2794nm, to be closer to reality.)

I've been out for eight days and four hours. The previous day's run (March 18th), over 24 hours, was 138nm.

The daily runs are surprising to me: 140, 138, 118, 139, 140, 141, 134. As you can tell, the sailing has been good this passage. Its also been consistently good. The sun has been shining all day, for the second day. Even on the cloudy days, my solar panels have been able to recharge my batteries back to 100%. The trend has been for me to burn just under 40Ah overnight. The fridge continues to be pretty efficient.

I've altered where I think I'll cross the ITCZ. I was originally going to cross pretty far east, around 126. I think I'll cross further west now, perhaps between 128 and 130 somewhere. I thought that I might jibe this afternoon, but instead I think I'll just let the boat run. I'm currently heading a little south of my waypoint and will end up around 9N 128W, and if I continue from there, everything being the same, 8N 129W. From that area I'll be able to either jibe to head further west, or head more directly south and see about crossing the ITCZ. Of course, as I download and look at the weather forecasts, I can make those turns earlier or later.

Overnight, Luckness caught 9 flying fish. I was able to get two of those back into the water before they stopped flapping, but the rest were found on deck in the morning as I walked around. The deck is starting to be covered in fish scales and blood splatters as they smash into the side of the cabin and fall to the deck at night. I expect some rain as I near the ITCZ, and that will be nice!

Also along the marine wildlife theme - a large pod of dolphins visited with me yesterday in the afternoon and then again later that evening after sunset and before the moon had risen. I noticed the pod in the evening by the noise they make as well as the streaks of light in the water as they brushed against whatever type of organism is giving out phosphorescence. Its always good to see them. You get a sense of an animal completely in its element, and having a lot of fun in everything they do.

I had my first AIS contact in a few days just a little while ago. The freighter is passing 13nm north of me, I doubt I'll even see him.

Its beautiful out here! Its definitely starting to warm up, and the temperature is going to be going up for quite some time still!

Signing off, for now.

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  1. You and the dolphins and the phosphorescence. Very nice. Sailing sounds great, and you are skimming along. Good luck with the ITCZ. Sounds like it might be within a day or two? Be well. spring has arrived on VI xo Mum

  2. Hi Craig - glad you are having great conditions! We were curious how the seas are out there for you. We enjoy following your progress. Take care!

    Grant and Denise (psc37 maluhia)