Monday, November 2, 2015

Leaving Fiji ! Someday.

I try not to edit old posts in my blog in any major way.  One example of this is that I leave spelling and grammatical mistakes in posts I make while on passage - on a passage you get tired and spelling takes a hit.  I also try not to edit old posts when I change my mind - this blog is a peek into my cruising life, not a complete one, but still a little view of what its like "out there."  Or what its like for me, anyway.  So, while I was tempted to delete my previous post, I'm not going to - I've changed my mind.  It happens.

Yesterday I had convinced myself that I would leave Fiji today for my passage to New Zealand.  I also mentioned that this would have been my first passage where I didn't really like the weather window but was planning to launch into it anyway.  I was feeling some schedule pressure - there is a Cruisers Rally in Opua, New Zealand from Nov 16-22.  I was there for it last year and it was a fun social time.  If I leave today, I would be there for the rally, but likely after a slow and possibly frustrating trip.

Todays GRIB files (weather forecasts) for both GFS and CMC are showing a nice weather window if I leave next Monday, 6 days from now.  The winds become much more uniform over the whole area between Fiji and NZ.  Also, the spinning low what has been deepening with each new forecast, a little east of my track, appearing on Friday would no longer be a concern.

I'll leave Fiji eventually - but not today.

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