Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Passage to New Zealand: day 3

21° 44' S 177° 25' E
Water Temp: 78
Distance to go: 825nm (from start, 1140nm)

The trip has been generally full of beautiful sailing so far. Luckness is currently sailing upwind at 4 knots in around 8 knots of wind in a gentle sea. The wind has varied from 4 or 5 up to around 15 knots, as I expected, the start of this passage has been generally light wind - all upwind sailing so far.

Last night at 1am the wind dropped from 8-10 to 4-5, which left me going slow enough to lose steerage - which is rather annoying. I reduced sail thinking I would raise the spinnaker when it got light the next morning, but by 6am I woke after a sleep cycle to find Luckness making our way toward New Zealand at 4 knots in light wind again.

The sun is just starting to peek out of the eastern horizon in a clear sky, it has been a beautiful night full of stars.

All is well aboard!

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  1. Enjoy that time on the water, even if it's a little slow.

  2. Your passage sounds lovely, stars and all! Smooth days ahead. Mum


  3. good Luck Craig, hope you are having a great passage! enviously, Wally