Monday, September 26, 2011

Anchored in San Simeon Bay

Just a quick update. Luckness is anchored in San Simeon Bay which is about 85 nm south of Monterey. There is some weather developing south which I want to avoid so I may be here for a few days.

I have cell coverage but no wifi.

Its sunny here now and I'm starting to notice that the sun is feeling stronger that in Seattle. Might need to stock up on more sunscreen.

The sail here was uneventful. I left Monterey in light winds and started sailing in 4 or 5 knots just crawling along. The wind strengthened and weakened between 4 and 8 until 5pm when it started to fill in. The forecast was for 10 to 20 in the evening and I was sailing in 20 to 28 with the seas starting to develop but nothing serious. It was a dark night with highly variable weather. It would go from partly overcast to a clear cloudless sky in an hour. Then thick fog for an hour around 2am. Then cloudless/fogless again. The stars were amazing.

Monterey bay was teeming with sea life as I left. Lots and lots of seals, sea lions and dolphins. It was cool. Coming into San Simeon I saw a what I think was a blue whale, judging from it's fin.

My batteries are down 15Ah but the solar panels are working now - they were shaded by the sails all morning. They are putting out 10 amps right now. Subtracting what the boat is using I'm charging at around 8 amps. Will be back at 100% in a couple hours.

It's lunch time so I'll leave this little update at that.


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  1. Glad you made it safely. We will probably leave Monterey on Thursday. Jim on Sockdolager.