Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Windy again!

Date Sept 14, Time 5:30pm
38° 29' N 124° 31' W <Link:>
Wind speed 25-30 / wind dir NW, Sea State 8-10ft, Heading SE, Speed 6+
Barometer 1016, Water Temp 58.1, Sky Blue!
Log 1391.6, Engine Hours 1218.3, Batteries %90 (-39Ah)
Sail Plan Double reefed main, staysail
Yesterday was 20 to 25 knots. Today its 25 to 30. The seas are building again. Its feast or famine!
I'm heading toward shore, everything is fine here. If it looks good, I'll be on shore tomorrow. If not, then I'll head down the coast until I like the harbor and conditions better. Still plenty of food here, although I've run out of blueberries!
The weather is pretty amazing. It can go from totally overcast, low dense clouds to a completely blue sky in a few hours today. Then back to cloudy again. There is weather moving around - me too. Its good to have motion.
The batteries last night finished the day, at sunset down 108Ah. By the morning they were at -86Ah. So the wind generator was able to run all the boats systems as well as contribute 22Ah to the bank. Not dramatic, but with its lame voltage regulator, that's not bad.
On the energy topic - my TackTick wind instrument at the top of my mast's battery died yesterday. There had been dense cloud for a few days and all my solar devices were slowly stopping. My solar vent in the hatch in my main cabin died yesterday as well. Losing wind information was annoying. It died early yesterday morning, so I left it off all day, turned it on as it got dark and it lasted until the morning when it died again. Today has been sunny finally so it should be good to go again. Hopefully my future cruising destinations have more sun that I've encountered so far...
My plan in heading so far offshore was to avoid other traffic. Last night as I started my move into shore I came across a fleet of 22 fishing boats at around 2am and 120+ miles offshore. That was interesting. I made my way through the middle of the fleet - they are well spaced apart, with help from my radar. It can only pick up the other boats at around 4 miles away, but they are pretty small targets.
That's it for my semi-random collection of thoughts. I warned you at the beginning of this series that these will be a little random and raw didn't I?
More will follow when I have a little more time.


  1. Wow, Craig. I can see there is enough to sailing as to being an engineer of sorts, a weather person, and a techie, when it comes to fixing gadgets, or other. Bummer that the instruments ate not working as well a expected. or is it just because of cloud cover. I've posted every day but never find them again. I think i need a lesson! Cloudy and very mild here on VI today. More for the same tomorrow. So maybe you'll be in San Fran tomorrow? In any case it's better to be moving than rocking in way-ward waves, I'd think. Never mind about your posts being 'raw'. It's what gives them life!
    xo mum

  2. Keep up the great work. Yes, too bad about some of the instruments, but I am confident you will sort that out. It is hard reading the lights? They can become tricky! Look forward to sailing again with you someday.

  3. Hi Craig,
    I like the way you have broken down your categories. Makes it easier for a land-lubber like me to read it. I also enjoyed the pictures of your boat, she is a beauty! and of inside the cabin, with things belted down. Your meals sound pretty interesting. I had no idea it would be that cold on the water! I'd better start thinking about polar fleece for you! I'm not surprised you find the environment entertaining and thrilling. Who could read when your book is all around you? Happy sailing. Till next time.
    love, Mum