Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pitching and rolling, day one

Date Sept 11, Time 1:30pm
41° 21' N 126° 46' W <Link:>
Wind speed 4kts / wind dir W, Sea State Confused (7ft swell 4 sec, 2-3 ft wind waves leftover, different directions), Heading None, Speed None
Barometer 1016, Water Temp 54.5, Sky Overcast and misty
Log 1194.7, Engine Hours Unchanged, Batteries %94 (-22Ah)
Sail Plan Genoa poled out, main double reefed to reduce flogging
The boat is pitching and rolling through around 30 degrees on all sides while not really moving at all. With this much wind on flat water, I would be moving along slowly. In these waves the boat can't get going. Once the boat moves a swell will come along and basically removes all headway while rolling and pitching the boat. I've been trying to simulate "what would a trip to Hawaii be like" where I can't motor to the nearest port to get out of some conditions - but this is starting to get annoying.
Yesterdays sail was good. The wind stayed strong in the morning and started to fall gradually in the evening to 18-22 kts at midnight. Todays conditions were forecast - the NW wind was going to switch to W 5 and then S 5-10 in the evening. So I have most of the day to look forward to similar conditions. Monday is also light wind, tuesday is N10 to 15, wednesday N 15 to 20. So this trip is getting longer and longer! No worries, there is no hurry.


  1. A cool site with which to track Craig's progress on a map using the lat/long location data is:

    As the mouse moves the web page shows the lat/long locations for easy pin-pointing of a location.


  2. Hi Craig, 12 hours asleep. Sounds good to me! In a peaceful bay with no near-gale winds blowing you about. And time to do a few repairs to the boat as well as the body.

    I am making a yummy soup with white navy beans, dried mushrooms, fresh ones, carrots, celery, onion, barley. Well, that's mainly it Maybe I'll send the recipe, except it makes about 12 cups. Is that too much to store?

    I'll look forward to your being connected on WiFi in Monterey and we can 'talk' a bit. Maybe even cell.

    Your siblings and my friends, as well as many other I suspect, are all connected in this journey of yours. thanks for the updates.
    xo mum