Monday, September 12, 2011

Was becalmed now just calm

Date Sept 12, Time 8:21pm
41° 05' N 127° 05' W <Link:>
Wind speed 8-12 / wind dir NW, Sea State low long swell, Heading ESE, Speed 4.5kts
Barometer 1023, Water Temp 60.8, Sky low cloud/Stratus
Log 1219.7, Engine Hours Unchanged, Batteries %76 -91Ah
I had expected to spend all day bobbing around, becalmed, waiting for wind. There was some wind this morning at around 3am and I tried it out. The wind was 7-8 knots but the seas were still rolly with left over wind waves and around 6+ ft swell. I got the sails up but they were slatting unmercifully so I lowered them, turned my anchor light back on and went back to my 20min sleep cycles. The wind died as it turned out anyway. Around 1pm a little wind started to show up. At 2pm I was moving and have been moving ever since. When I was becalmed yesterday and last night I drifted 20 more miles out to sea and 36 miles north - both in directions I didn't want to go. By now I've made up for lost ground and if the wind holds I'll be able to make progress towards my destination all night.
Its been overcast all day, dense stratus - low cloud. My solar panels hardly produce any power at all in those conditions - less than 5amps so my battery bank is down again. The wind generator isn't producing anything right now as the winds aren't high enough. The forecast was for stronger winds tomorrow. We'll see.
Its nice to have the boat heeling and sailing into the waves again. Its a much easier motion, easier to relax. Short high swell and choppy wind waves while there is no wind isn't much fun as it turns out.
Probably three or four days left, depending on how much wind turns up. I'd like to continue to avoid running the engine unless I need to. If the wind dies, the trip will be extended…until I lose patience. Which is unlikely.
Everything well here, I hope the same is true of all of you.

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  1. Hi Craig,
    Been following your blog, and adventures south. Sounds like you are having fun. It makes me happy to see you living your dream. All your preparation is paying off.
    Marcie and I are in KY now, but will be heading to VA next week and should be starting to sail shortly thereafter. We’ll stay in touch. Safe travels, JAM ~ Joe and Marcie