Sunday, September 18, 2011

Leaving Drakes Bay

Date Sept 18th, Time 8am

Time to move on from this anchorage. I've decided to hop past San Francisco and head to Monterey.

When I arrived in Drakes Bay on Thursday I thought I would sleep all day. After getting the boat into its 'at anchor' state I headed below for some sleep - and then woke up two hours later. I got up and started on a few chores. The weather cloths were fixed after taking the waves and imploding, this was easy. I also noticed that one of the monitor wind vane control lines had chafed very badly and needed to be replaced. I had 30' of Samson WarpSpeed on board for this purpose and replacing the line went smoothly. What had happened is that there are two bullet blocks on a stanchion to route the control line from the monitor to a block on the coaming and there to the wheel. One of the bullet blocks had rotated on the stanchion presenting a hard angle to the control line. I think this happened on the last night of strong winds I had on the trip down before arriving here. Shame on me for not noticing it earlier... I think that back when I was fitting the bullet blocks I was fiddling around with their placement and angle and then neglected to tighten the blocks to the stanchions as they were both loose. Pictures will come eventually. Anyway, I'm glad to have that fixed.

After a few chores on Thursday, I ate dinner and then headed back to bed - where I then slept for 12 hours. Friday was spent reading, cleaning up the boat a little, and a little more reading. By Saturday I was feeling pretty restored but got a late start so decided on one last day at anchor. Today I'm going to continue down the coast a little.

Monterey is a couple of days away. I'll be heading to a marina there where I can wash the boat off and look around town easily. I'll be there for a little while, and then continue south.

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