Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sailing again!

Date Sept 10/11, Time 11:30
42° 54' N 127° 04' W <Link:>
Wind speed 25-30 / wind dir NW, Sea State 6-8ft 4sec, Heading SE, Speed 5-6 its
Barometer 1016, Water Temp 61.7, Sky Blue
Log 1092.4, Engine Hours Same, Batteries %100
I'm sailing again! I decided that the conditions to my south that I was trying to avoid have passed and I can get going again. There were 40+ knots south, with larger waves. I'm glad to be sailing again - being hove to in perfectly fine sailing conditions was a little annoying, but it was an ok choice.
I ended up drifting 75 miles in 36 hours and finished 125 miles offshore. I'm heading SE now and will probably end up around 75 miles offshore around sunset, when I'll jib again and head SW overnight.
The sea state here is a little challenging - 6-8 feet isn't huge by any means, but at 4 seconds it means a pretty rolly experience. Still feeling good.
Not much to update here. Oh - I was making some sandwiches to eat, peanut butter and honey, while still hove to this morning. Suddenly a wave crashed into the boat and sent things flying. Check this out - I had the bread laid out as you do when making sandwiches and had just added peanut butter to one of the pieces. The boat rolled and the other piece of bread flipped on top of the peanut butter and they both landed on the cabin sole. A little stroke of luck. Stay tuned, there are many more fascinating stores to come. Hey, what do you expect, I'm lucky to be able to type at all right now.

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  1. Ha ha ha! I can just visualize the sandwich doing its thing now, and hear you giggle and see you shake your head. :) Leaving for Portugal tomorrow.