Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day one

Anchored off Port Townsend, 7pm at 48 96.7N 122 45.2W. Temp in cabin 60 deg. Sea temp 50.9. NW 10 to 15. Grey and raining. Via iPhone.

I won't be blogging every day. That would quickly get tedious. However as this is the start of my trip I wanted to note it. This is day one! Yipee!

I got up at 5am and dropped my car off at a friends house. She drove me back to Shilshole and I ate and was gone by 8am, leaving in heavy fog. The radar worked well as did my AIS displays. I rode the ebb all the way here arriving by 12:30.

I'm starting to discover little things I've forgotten. I've lost a jacket somewhere last month and just bought a new one here. I also bought some food I forgot. Who woulda known - there are stores outside Seattle. I might not have needed to buy quite so many provisions before leaving...

I was able to watch a warm front sweep across the region once the fog lifted, naming the different types of cloud. The weather course I attended all of last week is starting to pay off. It's grey and raining now (nimbostratus, stratus) and mostly understand why. Cool.

S/V Luckness out. For today.


  1. Right on! Looking forward to that beer somewhere here in CA or Mexico. Have a good trip down the coast. Jim on Sockdolager

  2. Two words: Woo! Hoo!

    Have a *great* trip. Be safe.

  3. My cousin Craig making the big leap, way to go Craig! Good luck and Godspeed. Dean K.

  4. Yipee! He's on his way down the coast. Be well. Be safe. Have a blast.

  5. Grand departures are always so exciting... and a little scary. I know you'll do great. I'll follow your blog. Good luck!

  6. We'll be in San Francisco for another week or 10 days, then will continue migrating south. Looking forward to meeting up with you along the way to Mexico and beyond!
    Fair (and not too strong) winds for your passage!
    Karen & Jim aboard the Dana 24 Sockdolager

  7. What a wonderful adventure Craig, wishing you all the best and looking forward to hearing about the chaos... oh I'm jealous! Have fun!
    Cheers, Gail Krauss

  8. So good to get your latest blog and know that you have a strategy for that gale! Gales are big winds!!! in my prairie girl estimation. But you seem to to have it well in hand. I am so pleased for you and proud of you that you have learned so much and are so well prepared! Love, Mum

  9. Out of danger and even the sandwiches are cooperating. The gods are smiling on you, I think. This is good! The seas sounds heavy and my goodness you are along way out! Still thinking you'll give San Fran a miss? All well here. Spent the day at a writers workshop learning about social media! Yikes, I'm such a newbie! Hugs, Mum